Angela W. Parsons - SF Full Stack Product Designer
Portfolio of Angela W. Parsons - SF Full Stack Product Designer



Since graduating from Parsons School of Design, I have worked in all aspects of product roles ranging from Product Design, to UI UX design, to User Research to Product Management, to Branding & Visual Design, to Front End Development. 

I first fell in love with all things digital, when I got my digital start on a very small tech+marketing team responsible for 100+ million in yearly revenue for an IR500 etailer. It was this conversion oriented digital experience that forever molded the way I approach execution. I strive for impact in all things I do and touch. 

In 2013, I co-founded the NYC-based 'Airbnb for Retail'. The company aimed to bring about the ‘Future of Retail’ where digital & physical retail blurs in the primary form of pop-up retail. At Republic Spaces, I was responsible for all things product  as well as marketing, while my business partner was responsible for all operational details. at its zenith was the 90,000 most trafficked website in all of U.S. I was invited to be a keynote speaker at European Ecommerce Conference  2013. In year two of operations, Republic Spaces hired over 20 people and successfully deployed  two innovative omnichannel concepts with over 40 emerging Luxury brands in the Hamptons, as well as Soho, NYC

I’m really good at

Thinking on my feet, being resourceful,  working in a chaotic environment and being able to see both sides of the argument. 

What I’m looking to do next

I am looking to join a growth oriented tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area in a Product Design role. 

Other things I can offer

I have considerable tactical knowledge into various aspects of eCommerce & marketplaces, such as eCommerce growth hacking. 

I can offer  product management as well as light weight front-end development on projects  where I am the lead designer on. My style of product management is loose and flexible and not excessively based on non-visual documentations as I believe excessive text documentation is the largest drain on engineering productivity. 

Things I do in my spare time

I recently moved to California for a change of pace from my former New York lifestyle. Thus in my spare time you can find me doing all the prototypical Californian & SF techie things such as biking, hiking, jogging, and most importantly - hackathon(ing).