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Buy The Room North Star


Buy the room 1.0 was launched just in time for Back to School season. The initial design was pushed out quickly without too much time to design in order to meet timeline. A followup was requested to provide a more robust solution to the experience of buying an entire set of products. My first step in designing was to construct 2 product personas representing the two primary types of shoppers who shop the internet these days and design accordingly. I then designed subsequently based on the 2 personas developed.

Introducing Susi

Susi, the second persona I designed for, is hugely influenced by celebrity power, social media & technology. She loves to shop, and loves to socialize shopping. She relies hugely on tools like Instagram & Pinterest for product discovery and selection. She is a brand agnostic when it comes to shopping, and whatever makes it early into her consideration set have a high chance of being bought.

Designing for Susi

Designing for Susi means allowing for Susi to easily import her consideration set she has already put together on other social media platforms. Matching her prior curation to products available on’s using machine learning algorithms. Allowing Susi to ultimately visualize, play, and save her selections in a “Polyvore“ style board.

In the long run, this product could be a great way to generate User Generated Content, which according to some studies lift ecommerce sales by 20%-30%.

Full Prototype

See movie and link below for how the design is suppose to work.

Individual Screens

See below for individual screens in the flow.