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Instagram Premium Layout

Instagram Premium Layout


Based upon my user research at Zenfolio on understanding the growth and customer journey of burgeoning entry-level photographers, a very fascinating finding surfaced. It was unanimous the importance of Instagram to the  business growth of these entry-level photographers. The prototypical  entry-level photographer upload their work on Instagram, receives likes and comments, grow their user base, and gets discovered by potential clients. Majority of these entry level photographers relies heavily on client discovery and request straight from instagram.

Once these photographers hit a critical inflection point and starts considering what it means to be ‘Professional 'Photographer’, they then searches for an outlet to post their photos ‘Professionally’. However, the question remains what does it really means to post their photo professionally? What differentiate a ‘Professional Website’ vs a photographer’s Instagram page? Sometimes that can mean having a high resolution version of their photo. But how high of a resolution photo do you need when majority  of website traffic is mobile web? Do these entry-level photographers really need to spend $100+ a year with a website builder when majority of the traffic and viewing is on mobile? 

Since entry-level photographer's burgeoning business is so heavily  tied to their success on Instagram, what can Instagram  do to help the photographers exhibit their photos more professionally so they grow their business with Instagram .

asymmetrical grid layout

Based on user research, there is really only couple layouts that entry-level photographers desire to brand their content properly. An  asymmetrical grid would showcase specific photos they would like to highlight and would give them adequate brand representation. Instagram on the user feed side already uses similar grid, thus by leveraging intentional enlargement actions by content creators, this could help improve its user feed as well. 


Affordable saas subscription for premium Designs

For burgeoning SMBs whose growth is heavily attributed to Instagram, they would easily pay to have a premium layout that exhibit their brand. 


Hero Image layout

Creatives often desires homepage to exhibit hero images that introduces the brand upon first introduction.


Landscape Grid layout

For photo enthusiast who loves landscapes and shoots landscapes only, a landscape layout would be perfect for this crowd.